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Can I remove my drawers, please?

Posted on March 17, 2017 by Nikki Palmer in Blog


As we have all had such a grey day we thought it might be a good opportunity to have a bit of a giggle !  No offense to anyone is intended but just to show that Letting Agents too have a sense of humour,  we thought we’d share this with you…

For many years I have had stashed away an article from a daily paper written by a relative of a Housing Inspector, and today I  found it!!  These are all genuine quotes apparently from tenants to the Housing Inspector, all just slightly worded in the wrong way …..we hope you enjoy them too (adults only please) 🙂

  • “I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off”
  • “I wish to report that tiles are missing from the outside toilet roof.  I think it was bad wind the other day that blew them off”
  • “My lavatory seat is cracked, where do I stand?”
  • Will you please send someone to mend the garden path.  My wife tripped and fell on it yesterday and now she is pregnant”
  • “I request permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen”
  • “50 per cent of the walls are damp, 50 per cent have crumbling plaster, and 50 per cent are plain filthy”
  • “The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it is cleared”
  • “Will you please send a man to look at my water, it is a funny colour and not fit to drink”
  • “Our lavatory seat is broken in half, and now it is in three pieces”
  • “I am a single woman living in a downstairs flat and would you please do something about the noise made by the man on top of me every night”
  • “This is to let you know that our toilet seat is broken and we can’t get BBC2”
  • “It’s the dogs’ mess that I find hard to swallow”


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