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Posted on February 2, 2015 by Nikki Palmer in Blog

We’ve all heard of Buy to Let, but did you know there is also the option of Let to Buy finance?

Although more recently there has been some movement in the property market, there are still homeowners who are in the difficult position of trying to sell their homes to move away for work, who need to resize or a multitude of other reasons, but still unable to sell.

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful times in life and with an increase in the length of chains, uncertainty with borrowing and a general dip in income, Let to Buy could be a viable possibility to move forward with your plans.

Based on the potential rental income of your property, and not your earnings, a Let to Buy mortgage could increase your chances of retaining your existing property, and where there is equity in your current home, lenders could open up the possibility of buying another property to move into.

Not only does this fulfill your requirements to move, but it also allows the housing market to recover fully and increase your capital growth, without the hassle of getting involved in chains and selling for less than market value.

With high demand for more property on the rental market, why not give it some thought?

We can not only offer you a FREE market appraisal giving you the opportunity of expert and accurate rental values for your current home, offer professional advice on current legislation for letting residential property, minimising void periods and high maintenance costs, but with our years of experience and networking, we can also highly recommend local independent financial advisors who can talk you through the process and source the best possible deal for you.

No one needs unnecessary stress. So ‘Keep Calm’ and give us a call !


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