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Posted on January 10, 2018 by Nikki Palmer in Blog

With Christmas well behind us and the first hint of sunshine is in the sky, it’s easy to be ever hopeful that Spring is just around the corner!

With the sunshine, comes thoughts of escaping to far away places and Summer Holidays, but we could all benefit from looking closer to home for some immediate relief from the Winter Blues.   Other than the workplace we all spend a considerable amount of time in our homes, so perhaps now is the time for a good sort out.

Having an abundance of possessions and clutter in our homes can lead to unnecessary stress.  We all like to sit and relax at the end of a hard day, but surplus ‘stuff’  makes it difficult to do this as our cluttered environment keeps telling our brains that there is still work to do.  Looking for mislaid items is also very common and time consuming.

To some this may seem like a gruelling task but it doesn’t have to be.  Why not set yourself a challenge every day by starting in just one room and taking a look in perhaps one cupboard at a time.  You will need a bin bag and a box for any donations (I find a plastic laundry basket useful for this as it holds quite a bit and can be easily moved about)

Most kitchen cupboards contain things that are either out of date or were bought because they were on offer!  Bin anything that has perished or gone passed its sell by date and donate anything that won’t be used to the local foodbank.  Sort out your freezer on a regular basis because if they are not run economically they can end up costing us £££s.  Any surplus crockery, gadgets or mugs can be donated to your favourite charity shop and anything chipped or damaged gets thrown away.

As with the Kitchen, our Bathrooms are very likely to be stocked to overflowing with different lotions, part bottles of shampoo and remnants of what was once a well stocked make up collection.  Bin it or donate it!

In time, and when you are feeling energetic and brave enough, it will be time to start on those wardrobes.  We are probably all guilty of hoarding clothes that haven’t been worn for months, possibly years.  Have a good sort out and throw away the odd socks!  Anything that hasn’t been worn for a long time or no longer fits can be donated to charity, passed to a friend or family member or sold on one of the many selling sites online.  Try putting any money raised to one side and once you have finished clearing out, treat yourself!

It can all be done at your own pace and once finished the benefits are endless – stress reduction, a sense of accomplishment, improves your living environment and makes you feel better meaning you have a lot more energy to do things that you actually want to do.

Remember bag it, bin it or box it!!  It’s not everyone’s idea of a fun time but a trip to the tip can be very rewarding!







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