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Posted on April 19, 2016 by Nikki Palmer in Blog

spot the differenceHere are extracts from 2 different Schedules of Condition or Inventories as they are better known, both made at the start of a tenancy, and both for the same property.  Can you spot the difference?

The one on the left has been prepared by a well known High Street agent.  The other by us.

With the majority of tenancy deposits having to be registered in a Government Scheme now, sometimes the only way to get a dispute resolved is to use the scheme’s adjudicator, a completely independent and impartial individual who has never met either Landlord, Agent or Tenant, has never stepped foot in the rental property and can only go on information provided to them.

As a reputable letting agent, we follow the guidelines set out by The DPS

  • A new inventory at the start of each tenancy
  • Clearly detailed description of the property, the decor and any fixtures and fittings
  • Dated photographs

Landlords, this is one of your biggest assets, and Tenants, the deposit is a chunk of your hard earned money.  Who would you rather use?





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