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At we know how stressful moving home is.

With an ever changing market we are also aware of some of the reasons why people are moving – Landlords selling; relationships changing and the need to move to where the work is.

That is why we want you to feel comfortable with us in the knowledge that we can offer a professional service but with a personal approach, offering a ‘can do’ approach rather than putting everyone in the same box.

There are certain criteria that have to be met when renting a property, affordability and suitability being at the forefront.  By offering a flexible approach towards you as individuals our aim is to work with you to find you a new home.

A full referencing process has to be, and will be undertaken prior to any tenancy starting including a credit check – the affordability is based on a calculation of 2.5 times the annual rent as a gross household income.  If there is a variation on this, and subject to the Landlord’s approval, there are circumstances where rent can be paid in advance or possibly a Guarantor put in place.

A full month’s rent and a security deposit equivalent to 5 weeks rent will be taken in cleared funds prior to a tenancy starting.

For full details of The Tenant Fees Act see link below:

Your security deposit will be registered with the DPS within 30 days of the start of the tenancy and a full schedule of condition/inventory of your new home will be given to you along with your keys when you move in.  Full information relating to the DPS are available from their website and as part of the registration process we are duty bound to give you the terms and conditions which are also attached.  You will be asked to acknowledge that you have received them!

Contact us now to register your requirements – if we haven’t got it we can start looking for it.  With a proactive and human approach, this is not just about our business but about understanding the life-changing decisions  you are having to make.

Let us make a difference to you.

Fitting in with someone’s wishes or demands in a helpful way

Obliging : complaisant ; compliant

Helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation

adapt; make fit for, or change to suit a purpose ; oblige ; provide a service for someone;

listen and evaluate the views of others – both sides adapt and modify in order to come to mutual agreement